Droplet size and velocity measurement in spray

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Droplet size and velocity measurement in spray


I’m not actually a user of PIVlab yet, but I’m hoping that maybe it will suit my needs or that someone can suggest some other open-source software that they're aware of…

Basically, as part of my PhD, I’m trying to measure the spatial distribution of droplet number, velocity and size coming from some sprinklers (used for protection from wildfires).  I have access to a high-speed camera so I’m looking for options to analyse either pairs of shadowgraph frames or complete video footage of the sprays.  Since I’m not interested in the air velocity, and the droplets may have a range of velocities within an interrogation window, I’m really hoping to find software capable of outputting a list of droplets (with time, location, velocity components and size for each), rather than a list of interrogation windows (with velocities assigned to windows, as in PIV).

I was just wondering if PIVlab (or any other software that anyone is aware of) might be suitable for this kind of work, or adaptable to suit my needs in any way?  Any advice would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks very much in advance,